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Author Topic: FRAG and Graphic Design Contest  (Read 445 times)


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FRAG and Graphic Design Contest
« on: April 23, 2014, 12:48:50 PM »

Want a chance to win some free swag?  Well FRAG and are looking for some new graphics to use in our videos and other promotional materials.  We're looking for two separate graphics.  One for the website, and one for F.R.A.G. itself.  We do not, and we cannot stress this enough so we'll say it twice, DO NOT want something specific to 40k, or that uses any images that belong to Games-Workshop.  Other than that feel free to be as creative as you can.

1. All submissions become property of the FRAG National Council, and we reserve the right to use them however we choose.

2. Please be sure to incorporate the website address (as in the part) in any graphic submissions for promoting the website.  Please be sure to include the F.R.A.G. name in any graphic submissions for promoting the club.

3. Contest winners will be chosen completely arbitrarily by what we think is cool.

4. You can enter as many graphic designs as you wish.

5. We reserve the right to use non winning entries in the future (see rule 1) or to choose more than one winner.

6. There is no size limit, but please make them large so they are easier to resize.
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