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Author Topic: ... Magic... You heard me!  (Read 509 times)


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... Magic... You heard me!
« on: April 05, 2015, 11:08:17 AM »

So, here it goes... This is hard to say... But... The suggestion of playing Magic:The Gathering has come into the group. Now before you start chucking flaming molotovs at us, here me out. We have the same concerns as you. Money, Fast pace of editions, comfort in our own sexuality. Well there have been suggestions to help cope with a couple of those.

Fast pace of editions: If you are wondering what I mean by this, we are talking about the competitive tournament scene. Where cards can become obsolete a few months after you acquire them as the current tournament scene focuses on the most recent editions.
Our answer, we don't pay any attention to that and there is no banned list.

Money: And I think this is the big one. To be competitive in baseball you have to spend money on talent, Magic is the same way, except with less running. There are decks out there in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars invested in them. That might intimidate you, it flat out flabbergasts me...
Our answer, Dave has suggested the concept of a "Salary Cap" like in Football. A deck would have to come in under a certain dollar amount to be allowed. This also takes care of the banned and restricted cards. Can't take 4 moxes.... can't take 1 here...

That does raise a few questions though.

Who sets the price? How consistent does the price need to be?
Dave has suggested using the prices from Star City games as the standard, but we have decided when those prices should change. I wouldn't want someone to have a deck that is just under the limit on Monday be illegal on Tuesday when the game is...

What is the "Salary Cap?"
This is still open to debate, the original suggestion was $100 - $150. Being the broke ass bitch that I am, this still seemed high, others consider it low. I put some thought into it and have a suggestion.
Platinum $250
Gold $150
Silver $100
Bronze $50
Copper $25
Lead $10

What is FRAG'S role? We would hope to run some events, some tournaments, random games. We feel we are bringing something a little bit different to the Magic community, but in no means would we be tasked with carrying the community like we have in the past.
I'd like the different tiers to have a champion, like an InterContinental champion from wrestling. You beat the Bronze Champion, in a Bronze game, and you are the Champion... But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

None of this is set in stone and please make suggestions. This conversation has just started.
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