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Have I Mentioned My Hatred of Spammers?


So I’ve spent the last several hours cleaning up the forum and the website from all the months of neglect. I swear, spammers are like rats. Turn your head for just a few minutes and they nest up and breed in the dark corners.

No News is Good News?


Well, yes, I am serious. I know it doesn’t look like much has been happening on the site, and after the last post a few months ago about us bringing it back from the dead, I must look a bit like the boy who cried wolf. So, with that I mind, I thought I should give you guys a bit of an update as to the things going on around here.

It’s Alive!!!!


Yes, the website has been effectively dead for almost a year now. We just kind of lost the urge to do it anymore. But time and rest has renewed the interest in working on things that we so sorely lacked this time last year. So we’re digging out the shovels and breathing some life back into this corpse!

FRAG and Graphic Design Contest

Want a chance to win some free swag? Well FRAG and are looking for some new graphics to use in our videos and other promotional materials. We’re looking for two separate graphics. One for the website, and one for F.R.A.G. itself. We do not, and we cannot stress this enough so we’ll say it twice, DO NOT want something specific to 40k, or that uses any images that belong to Games Workshop. Other than that feel free to be as creative as you can.

1. All submissions become property of the FRAG National Council, and we reserve the right to use them however we choose.

2. Please be sure to incorporate the website address (as in the part) in any graphic submissions for promoting the website. Please be sure to include the F.R.A.G. name in any graphic submissions for promoting the club.

3. Contest winners will be chosen completely arbitrarily by what we think is cool.

4. You can enter as many graphic designs as you wish.

5. We reserve the right to use non winning entries in the future (see rule 1) or to choose more than one winner.

6. There is no size limit, but please make them large so they are easier to resize.

Midwest Massacre 2013 Starts Tomorrow!

We’ve printed out the player packets, the awards have been picked up and everything is ready to go! Are you ready for the Midwest Massacre? Now is the time to take a look through everything one more time to make sure you haven’t missed anything. You can find everything you need to know in the Primer Packet for the tournament. Just go to and follow the link.

We’ll see you there!


Midwest Massacre 2013 Primer Packets Now Available!

Ok, folks, time is getting down to the wire! With less than three weeks until the Midwest Massacre (September 13-14), it’s time to finish up those lists and get some practice! You can find all the information you need, including the full tournament rules by clicking on the links below:

Midwest Massacre Announcement

Midwest Massacre GT 2013 Primer Packet

Buy tickets online.




Welcome New Members!

Earlier this Spring, Adam and I attended Recruits, a wargaming convention held at Lee’s Summit High School in Lee’s Summit. As always, the convention was a lot of fun, but this time around we were approached by two new (for us anyway) stores that wanted FRAG involvement in their stores. Namely, Limited Figures near I-29 and 72nd St in North Kansas City, MO and Collector’s Cache at College and Pflumm in Lenexa, KS.

It took us a little while to get to both stores and check them out, but now that we have, we’re looking forward to working with them! Let me give you a little rundown of what’s going on at each store…

Limited Figures is a fairly small store in North Kansas City, MO and is really just getting started with the 40K scene. At this point, they are holding tournaments and have a reliable judge and enough table space for a decent medium sized event. The store’s terrain is a bit sparse right now, so FRAG is helping out with that, providing mats and terrain until the store can flesh out the rest of it’s collection. Right now, these guys need players to come to their events. As many of you know, the 40K tournaments on the Missouri side haven’t been getting much turnout over the last few months. Anybody who is up in the northland and doesn’t want to drive all the way to KS should go out and give these guys a chance! Just remember that it’s a fairly laid back atmosphere and have fun!

Collector’s Cache is almost the polar opposite of Limited Figures. A large game store in Lenexa KS, it’s been home to CCG tournaments for quite some time. Recently, they have begun to carry GW stock and hold both 40K and Fantasy leagues with resounding success. While the lack of a judge has kept them from running tournaments thus far, both myself and Tom, aka bobtheevilguy, will be helping out on behalf of FRAG and running tournaments there starting in July. Hopefully we’ll see some of you out there for what promises to be a fantastic event!

I want to make clear that we encourage all FRAG members to attend any and all the events these stores hold, the player base at these stores is very new to the game. Please remember that and keep that helpful attitude handy. We want to make this a pleasurable experience for everyone involved and help all of the newer players get through the bumps and bruises that come from learning the game. The point is to have fun with other people who enjoy the same hobby. Be sure to keep that in mind as you visit these new stores and bring a helpful attitude to the table.

As for the newer and soon to be FRAG members, be sure to take a look around and check out the forums if you have any questions or issues or you just want to find a game!