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New FRAG Warhammer 40K Tournament Rules Released

Two years and an edition change later, it’s well past time for new FRAG tournament rules. We took a long time and playtested several different variations of this ruleset to make sure it was the most fairly balanced for 6th edition and we’re very pleased with the results.

As you all know, we run the Midwest Massacre GT every year, and we wanted to make our regular tournaments match the GT as much as possible while still remaining fair and balanced for the smaller crowds. With this new tournament ruleset, we’ve done just that. FRAG tournaments will now all follow the same general format, no matter the size or venue.

FRAG Warhammer 40K [6th Edition] Rules and Resources

Below you will find links to any and all FRAG Approved Warhammer 40K [6th Edition] resources. This includes approved missions, FAQ’s, FRAG League and Tournament Rules, and any other information you might need to play in a FRAG Warhammer 40K event. This thread will be updated as new rules are released and old rules are updated.

FRAG Warhammer 40K [6th Edition] Standard Tournament Rules

Games Workshop FAQ’s