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Midwest Massacre 2014

Below you will find information about the 6th Annual Midwest Massacre, held at the Recruits Convention.

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Breaking News for the Midwest Massacre 2014!

We are very excited to announce this breaking news about the Midwest Massacre 2014.  Remember, the Midwest Massacre starts this Friday, September 19.

In an effort to attract more players, we have officially dropped the painting requirement for models at this year’s tournament.
Models do not need to be based, primed, or painted to a tabletop standard (three colors).  Instead, any and all models may be used, providing they are still WYSIWYG with the proper weapons.

Secondly, if we have 30 or more participants in this years tournament, the winner from last year has agreed to randomly raffle the WINNING ARMY from last year!
You read that correctly… the winner from last year will randomly give away the entire winning army list (fully painted and based!).  To see pictures of this outstanding army, click here:

With these two new announcements, and the fact that it’s only $20 for the entire weekend to one awesome convention, there’s no excuse for you to stay home…. and bring your friends!

For the full details about the Midwest Massacre, please visit this page:

Midwest Massacre 2014 Rules Updated for 7th Edition

We have now updated the rules for the 2014 Midwest Massacre to bring them current with 7th edition. You can find these rules by clicking on the link at the top of the page. If you are considering participating in the Midwest Massacre, please be sure to read these rules carefully as much has changed.

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is the drop in price. Let’s face it, 40K is expensive. The books are expensive, the models are expensive, and tournaments are expensive. Well, we can’t do anything about the first two, but we’re tired of tournaments costing as much or more than a new box of models, so we’re changing things up. This year, the price for a ticket into the Midwest Massacre will be $20, and that includes your convention entry for the weekend! Advertised prizes will not be changed, however we will be giving out a few less door prizes than we have in the past. Well worth the trade off for a price like that, right?!?

So, click on the link, read the rules, and start making your plans to attend the Midwest Massacre today!

The Road to the Massacre 2014: Terrain

Let me start this with a little background about FRAG and our terrain. As many of you know, FRAG started in my basement and from the beginning we’ve been on a shoe-string budget. Terrain happens to be one of the requirements for any group like ours, and since we couldn’t afford the nice prepacked terrain, we had to make our own. So several years ago, I went to the hardware store, bought a lot of foam and textured paint, then arranged several FRAG terrain days. The group really pulled together and we built several tables full of random assorted terrain, mostly cheap and easy to make. In the end, it wasn’t all pretty but it worked for us and it lasted several years.

Midwest Massacre GT 2014 Pre-Registration Open and Primer Packet Release

If you haven’t noticed the nifty notification bar at the top of every page, then look up!
You can find a link to the newest Announcements about the Midwest Massacre 2014.  If you haven’t read these Announcements, you should that now.

If you have read that Announcement, than you are at this page to find out more information.

This PDF contains all the official rules, and some example missions, for the tournament this year, so you can plan your best assault.
We have also opened pre-registration, since this will be limited to 64 players.  You must register a username in the forum, and be logged into the forum, to purchase a ticket.

Tickets can be purchased at:


If you would like more information about the Recruits Convention, you can visit their website at:

The Road to the Massacre 2014: An Introduction

Let me start by saying that the Midwest Massacre 2013 did not meet our expectations. We attempted to slide by on the success we had over the previous years and it bit us in the ass. We know it, you know, everybody knows it. In the aftermath we found ourselves a bit humbled and maybe a little wiser. What we aren’t, though, is discouraged.

When the 2013 Massacre finished, we left Recruits with the wheels turning and planning for 2014 got started literally on the drive home, as soon as we left the building.

Introducing the FRAG Road to the Massacre

I hope everyone will be excited about the new special event FRAG is announcing today.
If you have ever wanted to beat the living tar out of the FRAG Administrators (on the gaming table), now is your chance!

FRAG, with the help of Collector’s Cache, is beginning a new Challenge System and Raffle Giveaway.

We are calling it the:

FRAG Road to the Massacre

The new Challenge System allows you to put our reputation on the line, and also for you to buy your way to better odds at victory!
Not only do you get to bash our brains in, but you also get the chance to win cool prizes!  Who doesn’t love that?

Read the rules, than come call us out!  Check out all the details at: