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Grassland Board Tutorial

The first step to any large project is planning. Since this was the first board like this I had done, the planning stage was even more crucial. The first consideration was size. As this is primarily a 40K board, it needed to be at least 4’x4′. Anything smaller is pretty much worthless. However, for some of the battles I like to engage in, 4’x4′ is still pretty small, so I wanted to be able to enlarge the board later with a minimum of fuss. With 2’x4′ hardboard as a backing, I realized that I could start with 2 boards now, and later add 1 or 2 more and bring the table up to 6’x4′ or 8’x4′. I also knew that I wanted something fairly open with a lot of grassy features so that it would match the basing on my main army. Leaving the board open allows me to add other terrain pieces at whim and keeps the board from getting stale and boring.

Build Your Own Blood Bowl Pitch: A How-to Guide

Finished Blood Bowl Pitch with Game in Progress
Blood Bowl: Building Your Own Pitch (Game Board)
A tutorial by General Kayel

So you have a Blood Bowl team and you have found someone who would like to play some Blood Bowl, but you lack a pitch upon which to play? Here’s a simple guide to put together a completely functional Blood Bowl pitch, dugouts, and templates, from items you likely have lying around your house at the moment.

Total construction time: approximately 2 hours.