Have I Mentioned My Hatred of Spammers?


So I’ve spent the last several hours cleaning up the forum and the website from all the months of neglect. I swear, spammers are like rats. Turn your head for just a few minutes and they nest up and breed in the dark corners. At any rate, the problem children have been dealt with for the time being, so if anybody wants to troll around the old forums and/or do a little necromancy of their own, they should be reasonably work safe again. Hopefully, we’ll get some Moderators back on the job soon to keep the trash down. If anyone has forgotten their username or password, please don’t make another account. We can help you recover your old account if you just contact us.

If you look closely, you’ll notice some other changes today. We’ve started moving things around here and there to facilitate the new site design. If you find a broken link or an empty category, don’t worry, we’ll get to it soon. Ok, that’s it for the day. I’m spent.

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