No News is Good News?


Well, yes, I am serious. I know it doesn’t look like much has been happening on the site, and after the last post a few months ago about us bringing it back from the dead, I must look a bit like the boy who cried wolf. So, with that I mind, I thought I should give you guys a bit of an update as to the things going on around here.

First off, let’s talk about the site. Have there been any visible changes? No. But changing over from a wargaming only site to something with a much broader scope means a lot of planning for us on the back end. We obviously don’t have any intention of getting rid of the wargaming, but we needed to figure out the best way to merge it with the new content we are planning to introduce. Now that we finally have all the details ironed out, you’re going to start to see changes implemented site-wide.

I also feel the need to mention FRAG here and let everyone know the the gaming group has fared much better than the site during all of this down time. While we still help other groups with events from time to time, we’ve mostly backed away from running events and we’ve all been spending some quality time at the tables ourselves. While I can’t speak for everyone, for many of us, this has given us a chance to “recharge the batteries” and we are enthusiastic about gaming again. In fact, those of us playing Magic have formed a fledgling team and are traveling to events as a group again. There are also rumors floating around of yours truly starting a 40K league at a store in the KC area, which I’m happy to say are true. The details for that will be out in a few days if anyone is interested in playing again.

So, thanks again for bearing with us all this time. Trust me when I tell you, it will be worth the wait!

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  1. Thrudd says:

    I’m all ears. Big, pointy, green ones.

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