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The Road to the Massacre 2015: Terrain Prep Begins

With the official announcement only a couple of days away, thoughts around FRAG have turned to the other things needed to successfully run an event like the Midwest Massacre. As with any wargaming event, one of the primary concerns has to be tables and terrain. One of the prevailing trends we’ve noticed in the tournament scene these days is how basic and uniform most of the terrain truly is at most events. Now I’m not saying there’s really anything wrong with the terrain these events are putting out, but there just isn’t a “wow” factor to anything other than maybe the top one or two tables. That’s something we’re hoping to fix for the 2015 Massacre. While I can’t tell you why without spoiling future announcements, this year making each and every table into an individual masterpiece isn’t just a possibility, it’s a certainty.

If you read last year’s article about terrain prep for the Massacre, you know that with the help of a local painter, we got a lot of the old stuff revamped and repaired. Luckily for us, all of that terrain has made it through the last year unscathed and doesn’t need attention. However, we’ve still got a lot of work to go to get all of the new stuff we bought and built last year ready for use. Eventually, we’ll have to do mock builds for each table, but for now our primary concern is to get the terrain itself painted and ready for use.

As any of you who have been to my house (where the terrain is stored between events) or to a FRAG Terrain Day know just how much terrain is sitting on the shelves in various states of completion. It seems everyone likes to start on projects, but no one likes to finish them. I assume it just feels too much like real effort. The point here being that we had a lot of terrain that required “minimal” time and effort to finish and put into the usable terrain pool. So, being sensible beings, that’s where we concentrated our efforts. All told, we made a decent dent in the terrain we had available, knocking out 11 buildings and 13 river sections. For those who are interested in the final product, I’ve posted a thread with pictures in the forum. You can find it here: Massacre Terrain Prep.

One thing we’ve realized along the way is that there is more to a good board than just slapping down a few buildings or other line of sight blocking pieces and calling it good. Does that work for tournaments? Sure! It’s quick, it’s easy and as long as it’s somewhat balanced, no one complains. On the flip side though, nobody is going home raving about how good the tables were either, and we think they should. So, at least for the Midwest Massacre, we’re going to change that. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how in a later article, but for now you’ll just have to bear with us a while, as this article is getting overly long as it is. In the meanwhile, take a look at the pics in the forum and let us know what you think!

Tournament Etiquette Part 2: Pre-Game and Post-Game Behavior

Welcome to the second article in the Tournament Etiquette series! This time, we’re going to talk about the way you interact with the other people you meet at a tournament and how your behavior effects them and their perceptions. With Sportsmanship scores being a part of many of the larger tournaments these days, they way your opponent perceives you is especially important.

I’m going to make the assumption that you’ve shown up in a timely manner and found your table. If this isn’t the case, you can stop now. In all honesty, you’ve already blown it if you are late. If you’ve made your opponent look for you or wonder whether you were actually going to show up before the game starts, he’s going to have a bad impression of you from the start. Once you give a person an obvious flaw, they tend to look for more as they go along and are less likely to excuse the honest mistakes. Don’t start off on the wrong foot! Be on time!

Now that you’re at your table,

FRAG Apoc Tank Battle Gets a Major Upgrade!

As many of you know, the Apocalypse Tank Battle has been one of the main staples for FRAG events since the inception of the club. We love taking it to conventions more than anything, and the large table and tons of tanks always draw a lot of interest from the crowd. It also provides a great opportunity for getting random players involved who haven’t played 40K before. While players are encouraged to bring their own models, I dip into my collection every year and make sure to bring at least 40 tanks that anyone can use. As I said, it’s been a lot of fun and the public loves it, especially the kids.

The problem is, I’m bored with it. After all, you can only run the same event so many times before it starts to get stale. Now, I do have a couple of options in the form of other games I could run. Anyone who stopped by the FRAG tables at KantCon this year and played Chaos Gate: A Roman Holiday for the Gods can attest to at least one of the great games we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes. But with all the success we’ve had with the Tank Battle, it just didn’t feel right to cancel it. So, I’m giving it an upgrade.

God damn that’s a lot of resin!

When I think of upgrading a game, my first thought is bigger guns, more explosions, and more awesome effects. So, I went bat shit crazy for a little while and ordered the lot of titans in the above picture. Over the course of the winter, I’ll be assembling and painting these beauties while myself and some other FRAG members rework the rules a bit to make the inclusion of more superheavies viable without breaking the game too much. If you’d like to follow the build, you can find the progress thread in the forum here: Titan Project. You will need to have a user account and be signed in to the forum to read the thread.

With this upgrade to the Apoc Tank Battle and the finishing touches being put on the Chaos Gate rules, we’re really looking forward to 2015! Hopefully everyone can make it out to at least one of the conventions this year and give our games a shot. We’d love to hear your opinion of them!

Midwest Massacre 2014

Below you will find information about the 6th Annual Midwest Massacre, held at the Recruits Convention.

Midwest Massacre 2014 Rules

Midwest Massacre 2014 Results

Midwest Massacre 2014 Painting Scores

Midwest Massacre 2014 Promotional 

Hall of Champions Forum Thread

Breaking News for the Midwest Massacre 2014!

We are very excited to announce this breaking news about the Midwest Massacre 2014.  Remember, the Midwest Massacre starts this Friday, September 19.

In an effort to attract more players, we have officially dropped the painting requirement for models at this year’s tournament.
Models do not need to be based, primed, or painted to a tabletop standard (three colors).  Instead, any and all models may be used, providing they are still WYSIWYG with the proper weapons.

Secondly, if we have 30 or more participants in this years tournament, the winner from last year has agreed to randomly raffle the WINNING ARMY from last year!
You read that correctly… the winner from last year will randomly give away the entire winning army list (fully painted and based!).  To see pictures of this outstanding army, click here:

With these two new announcements, and the fact that it’s only $20 for the entire weekend to one awesome convention, there’s no excuse for you to stay home…. and bring your friends!

For the full details about the Midwest Massacre, please visit this page:

Midwest Massacre 2014 Rules Updated for 7th Edition

We have now updated the rules for the 2014 Midwest Massacre to bring them current with 7th edition. You can find these rules by clicking on the link at the top of the page. If you are considering participating in the Midwest Massacre, please be sure to read these rules carefully as much has changed.

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is the drop in price. Let’s face it, 40K is expensive. The books are expensive, the models are expensive, and tournaments are expensive. Well, we can’t do anything about the first two, but we’re tired of tournaments costing as much or more than a new box of models, so we’re changing things up. This year, the price for a ticket into the Midwest Massacre will be $20, and that includes your convention entry for the weekend! Advertised prizes will not be changed, however we will be giving out a few less door prizes than we have in the past. Well worth the trade off for a price like that, right?!?

So, click on the link, read the rules, and start making your plans to attend the Midwest Massacre today!

Tournament Etiquette Part 1: Dice

When you first start playing Warhammer 40K in a tournament environment, things can be a bit intimidating. Things move at a faster pace, there are generally more people present than at a game night, and the prospect of winning prizes can make some people a little more uptight than they would be otherwise. You also play multiple games instead of just one, so several hours of standing and playing add exhaustion on top of the stress. Let’s face it. Tired and stressed out people don’t think very well, and they tend to have a harder time dealing with unfamiliar situations.